Pricing :

This innovative software (Windows version) can save you MILLIONS of DOLLARS. The selling price is a very reasonable $1000 US.
Since, we've just released it, we're offering you a whooping 50% Discount on the Retail Price. That means you pay just $499US. Purchase now and within hours you get access to our secure server online where you can download the special software.

Why the Discount :
- We have selected//emailed very few clients for this Product (no link to this page exists anywhere else)
- Our intent is for some early clients to use it, and provide feedback and suggestions, that will help us improve and alter the software to make it more holistic, result-oriented and robust.
- We've just invested our time and resources into building this. No money has been spent on advertising and so we can offer this at a low price.

Please pick up your copies now and use the software to :
1. Find & Register Domain names that are similar to yours and are receiving traffic from type-ins.
2. Find and register Domains you would like to keep off the Cyber Squatters growing portfolios.
3. Find names that are violating your Trademarks and take action against registrants.

More to be added later :
- Will keep an eye on All Domain Names you list for records and record modifications (Domain Hijacking)
- Will keep an eye for Expiration Dates of all Domain Names you list and give you alerts for renewal
- Will be integrated into the WLS service being introduced by Verisign and all the other standard features one can associate with domain names........

After all registering 1 Domain Name is just a $10 investment, but that will save you over THOUSANDS of Dollars that would otherwise be spent on legal recourse.