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How it works :

1. You enter a Keyword (your company//product//trademark name or your website name)
2. The software searches worldwide in the Internic Registry and other Domain Registrar Databases for availability of your Keyword related Domain Names.
3. It gives you a list of results of which domain names are available for registration & which domain names have been already registered.
4. With it's intelligent naming technology it usually comes up with 100 or so names which are confusingly similar to your Domain or Trademark Names.
5. From the list of results, it then queries search engines to find which of those domain names are getting visitors or searches everyday.
6. It presents the facts to you in a clear & precise format, listing all domain name variations, especially those that are receiving type-in traffic everyday from visitors worldwide.

Cyber squatters readily pounce on such names & redirect the traffic to adult sites and other programs from which they earn money as partners or affiliates. YOU now have the means & power to change that by pre-registering the domain names that could be used in such bad faith.

Why wait for the crime to take place while you sleep and then find a cure in the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy ("UDRP") or through WIPO. Be proactive now and you won't have to spend $1000-100,000 later to defend yourselves from these pirates.